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The Magic Solar Month of June

The Wood Horse period which we have recently entered, running from 5th June – 6th July, is the first month of this year where we haven’t had any conflict, astrologically. In each month of the year so far, we have had some distortions in the electromagnetic fields, which may have hindered our success and confidence.

In the solar month of June, the Wood represents providence, which is a life-changing influence, whereas the Horse represents magnetism, which affects your bio-rhythms and the energy in your living space. This is one of the key points of the year and an ideal opportunity to make positive changes to your life with Feng Shui, to get maximum results in the shortest amount of time.

You can watch our free Feng Shui webinar below to find out more about this exciting period and how you can best harness the ‘flow’ of this solar month;

We offer an extensive variety of Feng Shui courses and taster days for all levels of knowledge and experience. These courses are taught by our resident Feng Shui master consultant, Alan Stirling, a practitioner of Feng Shui for over 35 years.

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May 13, 2021 in Feng Shui News by Alan Stirling

Our Feng Shui Foundation & Taster Days

At the Feng Shui School we offer a wide variety of Feng Shui courses and taster days for all levels of knowledge and experience. These courses are taught by our resident Feng Shui master consultant, Alan Stirling, a practitioner of Feng Shui for over 35 years.

Our taster days include a full day of feng shui learning, including the history of Feng Shui, the different types of Feng Shui (and why they often seem to contradict), Feng Shui cures and enhancements, and how to deal with clutter around your home.

Whether you want to refresh your knowledge or experience the wonderful world of Feng Shui for the very first time, our taster days provide a fantastic and accessible introduction, empowering you to begin making long-lasting, positive changes to your life.

Below is an outstanding, unsolicited testimonial we received from one of our attendees at a recent Feng Shui Foundation and Taster Day:

“Thank you for an amazing day of learning, and for working with each of us to share information to better the energy of our personal environments with Feng Shui! In that regard, I have a testimonial story to share – one that my husband and I can hardly believe!

After class, I shared with my husband the advice you had given about the high energy point in our house, and the importance of adding a water feature to the SW corner to help with abundance in his business and for health. I also shared your comment about painting a particular wall in my office white to spur steady growth in my business. I Replayed part of the class so that he would understand a bit more about the Feng Shui process and told him how I had taken the compass readings at our home.

On Saturday morning, the day after class, we went shopping for a small-ish table fountain to place in the high-energy spot of our home, which you identified as the SW corner. We went to the one store that we felt was most likely to have what we were looking for, only to find it no longer sold small fountains. Since we had driven some distance to get to this store, we decided to look at what WAS available, and ended up purchasing an urn-shaped fountain standing 26″ tall – glazed in a lovely shade of deep blue. This was clearly too large a fountain to sit on a table, so we also purchased a rather squat-shaped, gray clay pot, 8 or 10″ tall, to turn upside down to use as a base for the fountain. By Saturday afternoon, we had the fountain running. I would also like to add that we stopped at a paint store for a gallon of white paint.

Amazing things soon began to happen. My husband and I will sometimes set up our computers to do work in the casual dining area that is located in the SW area of our home. Saturday evening, my husband was working with his laptop to continue monitoring an ongoing work project that involved viewing and analyzing live-stream footage being taken via an underwater rover. This project had been going on for days with seemingly endless equipment challenges and less than ideal-quality footage. As odd as it seems, within 30 minutes of the fountain running, my husband announced that the footage had improved dramatically – the best it had been to date!

I think I mentioned to you in class that we have two rescue dogs, and that one of them has developed an asthma-like respiratory condition for which daily medication is given. Even with the medication, if the dog’s sympathetic nervous system gets activated by the arrival of a visitor or the anticipation of a forthcoming ride in the car, the asthma symptoms are quite noticeably triggered. Within an hour of starting the fountain, the dog’s condition dramatically improved – I would say by 80%. The following day it was the same – even with the arrival of family and outdoor activity where the dogs mingled with adults and children. Another astounding turn of events!

As it relates to my business, during Friday’s class, after we had talked about changing the wall color in my office, I received a phone call that I let go to voicemail. When I listened to the message later, I was surprised to hear it was from a colleague who wanted to refer a client to see me. Today, Monday, I received a call from someone I haven’t seen for over two years – wanting to come for a couple of appointments before the weekend. Before ending the call, I was asked if I could make an appointment for this person’s child, as well. Wow! And all I did was purchase the white paint – it will be this weekend before the wall can be painted!

I was ‘a believer’ before taking the one-day class. Now I am firmly committed to deeper study and application of Feng Shui. Count me in as a student! I’ll be signing up for the first distance learning class this week, and for the 22-month class that begins this September. The one-day class was so enjoyable – I anticipate the full-length program will be even more so. Thank you for your excellent teaching, your generous sharing and your encouragement for further study.”

It’s stories like the above that show why our introductory Feng Shui courses and taster days are so important to us, and it warms our hearts to hear how our attendees, clients & students are using Feng Shui to make meaningful improvements to their lives.

Our next Feng Shui Foundation Taster Day will be held on Saturday 5th June 2021. If you are interested in enrolling, please click here. There are five further taster days following this one (all the upcoming dates are here) – so you have plenty of opportunities to benefit from this life changing introductory day!

Following this course, if you are interested in taking the next steps to become a professional in this field, our comprehensive, two-year Feng Shui Mastery Professional Consultant Course will enable you to become one of today’s most respected and successful Feng Shui consultants.

Our next course will begin on 18th September 2021 and can be attended anywhere in the world via online classes. Find out more and enrol now.

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