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I Ching with Wen Wang Gua course

I Ching Course covers"This I Ching course is SOOO cool!".  MJK - USA".

There are very few professional feng shui consultants practicing today with the knowledge contained in this course. If you are aspiring to be the best feng shui consultant you can be, then this I Ching course will benefit you greatly.

Whilst we take time to clarify the mysteries of the I Ching, we major on the original Wen Wang Gua system practiced by King Wen and subsequent masters. Just see our table of contents and you will find that this I Ching course is the most comprehensive and clearest ever written.

I Ching with Wen Wang Gua key points at a glance

"As of now I Ching really blow my mind. Thanks Alan for the great course". David Chan - Malaysia

  • · The I Ching has been hailed for millennia as a mystical oracle that unlocks the secrets of nature. Consulting the I Ching provides insight and guidance to the changes that affect us and helps us make the right choices and thereby helps us feel more confident and assured about our own future and that of our clients.

  • Wen Wang Gua was the source of I Ching traditional texts and used Chinese astrology to the I Ching much more specific and clearer to understand. In simple terms, this method will not only tell you what will happen… but when!

  • Being an extremely complex system to master, we include step-by-step instructions, analysis and numerous case studies to make learning both fun and empowering.

I Ching course & Wen Wang Gua table of contents

"This I Ching course is great, the presentation is excellent and even though the topic is quite complex the explanations are extremely clear, which is very helpful". Jose.De Groef - Belgium.

CHAPTER One Ancient symbols
Mankind’s legacy
I Ching history
How to cast a hexagram
Hexagram construction
Hexagram ID table
Hexagram Dynamics
The Great Treatise

CHAPTER Two The Shi Ying system
Subject and Object lines
Hexagram palaces
Locating Subject and Object lines
Wandering and returning spirits
Gua Shen
Body line and Gua palaces
How to find the Body line
Missing Body line
Palace hexagrams with Subject, Object and Body lines

CHAPTER Three Assigning Earthly Branches
Earthly Branch table
Na Zhi
Hexagram sequencing
Pure hexagram table of Earthly Branches
Start points of hexagrams

CHAPTER Four Assigning Attributes
Liu Qin
Easy reference attribute sequence
Attribute cycles
Choosing an enquiry line
The Parents line
The Officer Ghost line
Wealth Wife line
Pure hexagram attributes

CHAPTER Five The Effects of Time
Case study

CHAPTER Six Branch Dynamics
Shi and Ying revisited
No enquiry line?
Hiding line and Flying line
Source, Annoying and Hostile lines
Advancing and Retreating

CHAPTER Seven Further branch dynamics
Two enquiry lines
Tomb raider
Vanishing point
Meeting sheng at vanishing
Enquiry and Annoying lines
Hostile line
Body line revisited

CHAPTER Eight The Six Animals
Gou Chen
Positioning the Six Animals
Trick songs


Iching symbols

CHAPTER Nine Advanced Branch Dynamics
Gua Lines and advanced branch dynamics
Month branch
Month break
Day branch
Year branch
Earthly Branch combinations
Six harms
Triple combinations
Earthly Branch penalties

CHAPTER Ten Hexagram dynamics
Fan Yin
Fan Yin of hexagram lines
Fu Yin
Ancient example

CHAPTER Eleven Earthly Branch health
Earthly Branch body parts
Case study

"Your I Ching course is very well done and you have explained many things that had confused me before very well". Indira - USA

I have really enjoyed this I ching course, it is very good indeed. Chris - UK.

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