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Feng Shui Distance Learning Course - STEP oNE KEY CONCEPTS

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Feng Shui Distance Learning Step 1-Key Concepts Feng Shui learningFeng Shui Key Concepts course - The best fully accredited traditional Chinese Feng Shui course on the Internet. We guarantee you simply will not find another course that teaches Feng Shui to this degree.

The Accredited Feng Shui Key Concepts course will not just tell you how, but most importantly, why Feng Shui works. This knowledge allows you to perform a basic Feng Shui consultation in your own home and receive great results from the immense natural power of Feng Shui.

The Key Concepts Feng Shui course may be taken alone or as part of our Accredited Seven Steps to Feng Shui Mastery Professional Feng Shui Consultants training programme.

First Step - Key Concepts Feng Shui Course

The Key Concepts Feng Shui course - PC and Mac compatible, with over 38,000 words and fully colour illustrated with PowerPoint Presentations and Video and sound files, making even the most difficult concepts easy to understand. The course contents show the true value of this course, but if you are new to Feng Shui, see what you will learn from this feng shui course. Download Feng Shui Key Concepts Free Sample Pages

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The Accredited Key Concepts Feng Shui course - available as a Download or CD Rom.

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Accredited Feng Shui Key Concepts course contents:

How to study
Chi or Qi
About this course

The history of feng shui
Wandering tribes
Chinese dynasties
Feng Shui today
Feng Shui tomorrow
Why wind and water
Life, the universe and everything

The source of Yin & Yang
Yin and yang Feng Shui
Your place in Feng Shui
Basic Feng Shui tools
The origins of the five element

Energy dynamics
The generative cycle
The controlling cycle
The weakening cycle

Identifying the five elements in the landscape
In forms and buildings

Balance and harmony
Transition within the elements
The four principles
Applying the five elements to your home

The Eight Trigrams
What is a Trigram?
The luck trinity
Easy Trigram identification
The ten thousand attributes
Fu Xi arrangement of the Eight Trigrams
The late heaven sequence
The He Tu
The Luo Shu

Chinese astrology
The Ten Heavenly Stems
The Twelve Earthly Branches
The Sexagesimal Cycle
Discovering your fate part one
Your year pillar
Month branch
Hour branch
Annual pillar
Applying Chinese astrology in your life

Feng shui study screen shot

Form School Feng Shui
The origins of form school
The five symbolic animals
Identifying form school principles in the local environment
Applying form school principles to
The home
The bedroom
The lounge
Your Office

The Compass School of Feng Shui
The History of Compass School
The Chinese compass or Luo Pan
The Different types
Using a Luo Pan
Using a western compass
Compass rings
The Luo Shu
The Ba gua
The Eight Trigrams
The 24 Mountains

Are you an East or West Group Person?
Discovering your Gua
East group West group
Your auspicious / inauspicious directions
House portents
Combining home and personal portents
The cures to balance.

The Qi distribution school
What is qi?
The source of qi
Sheng qi
Sha qi
Qi flow
Correcting sha qi
Personal qi
Annual qi

The importance of water
Unfavourable water
Favourable water
Man made water
Fountains and fish tanks
Your environment
Identifying sha qi

The choice of site
Dragon and tiger
Flora and fauna
Soil type

Architectural balance
Missing corners or projections?
Multi dimensional Feng Shui
Building shapes
Land shapes
Local water
Roads and highways
Doors and windows fabrication
Case study to highlight the importance of shape.
Balancing your space

Qi reading Feng Shui symbolism
Basic cures
The correct use of mirrors and why
Wind chimes
Water placement

Conducting a Feng Shui consultation - case study

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Sound files for correct pronunciation of feng shui terms.
Multiple choice questions - to help you learn easily.
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Dynamic visual presentations.

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