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During our twenty-five years of teaching professional Feng Shui, we have been asked every type of Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology quesion. Here we dispel some common myths and misconceptions, and provide the answers to the most common problems.

If you have a Feng Shui question not answered here, and would like advice from the experts, please feel free to contact us.

Q.I've read lots of Feng Shui books and tried to learn Feng Shui from websites, but am now totally confused. Some say I should overlay the Bagua onto my floorplan and use my front door, and others say I should use the compass directions, irrespective of where my door is. Which is correct?

A. This is a very common question. The type of feng shui you are referring to is a recent invention known as Black Hat Feng Shui and our Schools of Feng Shui should help to clarify it for you.

Q. What are the best feng shui cures to buy?

A. Modern "remedies" such as money toads, mandarin ducks, dragons, tortoises, Buddhas, wind chimes, coins, bamboo flutes, red ribbons and tassles, and the vast array of decorative items sold online as being part of Feng Shui are not used in traditional or classical Feng Shui practice. Feng Shui masters of old simply used the Five Elements, colour, shape, light, sound, and natural materials such as plants, wood, stone and of course, water, all of which you probably have in your home already. In fact, the best Feng Shui is when you do not know it has been applied;; the space just feels right and the occupants are happy and prosperous. Tradtional Feng Shui cures and enhancements, and how to use them, are taught in our Feng Shui Key Concepts Distance Learning Course and online during our Professional Feng Shui Consultant Course.

Q. I've read online that my front door is too close to my stairs, and that it's bad Feng Shui. What can I do?

Wherever you open your door, warm air from your house flows out, and cold air flows in. It isn't actually a problem in Feng Shui terms, but if you are susceptible to the cold and trying to save on heating costs, just ensure you close the door after use.

Q. I've purchased a Bagua mirror. Where should it go?

Mirrors are much misunderstood and only ever used in traditional Feng Shui to balance an area with the metal element, never to make unsightly features or bad energy "disappear". The recent trend of using bagua mirrors, either convex or concave, on doors to repel energy simply does not work and there are better ways of dealing with what is known as "sha qi". Mirrors placed the wrong way around, or on the outside of toilet and bathroom doors to "push away" bad energy also look very strange, and should be avoided.

Q. Why should I always keep the toilet seat down?

The idea that money flushes down the toilet is a Chinese superstition, but as modern toilets are indoors, they should obviously be clean and hygienic. It makes sense to keep the unsanitary air inside the toilet when we flush and not allow any bacteria to settle on nearby surfaces, but that is more common sense, rather than a Feng Shui recommendation. In fact, depending upon the type of energy found within the area, clients are often surprised to hear that sometimes, they should actually leave the toilet seat up!

Q. I've read in a Feng Shui book that the number 4 means bad luck or death. Will the 4 in our address have a bad influence on us?

The Chinese regard the number 4 as bad, purely because when said aloud, it sounds similiar as the word for "death". This is no different to the words "bear" and "bare" in Enlish, which although sounding the same, the two words have very different meanings! In fact, having an address with a 4 does no harm, it is superstition. Traditional or classical Feng Shui can be applied everywhere on our planet, irrespective of place, culture, superstition and language.

My house is at the end of a cul-de-sac. Is this bad Feng Shui?

Not at all. In fact, depending upon the specific energy of your home; when it was built, the direction it faces, and your local environment, being at the end of a cul-de-sac or T-junction can actually be a good thing.

Which way should my bed face?

The direction in which a bed should face depends upon many factors and is specific to your own personal energy or qi. Generally speaking, your headboard should be against a sold wall (never angled to face a particular direction), with no obstructions above, such as cupboards or beams, and your feet should not point towards the door to the room. Sometimes, windows, doors and built-in cupboards mean that realigning the bed is difficult, but even if these problems exist, an experienced Feng Shui consultant will know ways around them.

I have read online that having a water feature is good Feng Shui. Is this correct?

Feng Shui means wind and water. Placing water in a home or office is an essential part of a Feng Shui consultation. However, when you place water within a space, there will always be a reaction, either postive or negative. If you have not received expert advice on where to place water in your space, and you find after having installed water, life becomes hectic or things seem to be going wrong, simply drain it and turn it off.

Do I need bamboo flutes? Where should they be placed?

Bamboo flutes placed on ceilings and exposed beams or over beds, to dissipate or redirect bad energy is a relatively new idea. It has come about because the Chinese word for flute is similar, but not the same, as the word for "disappear". If you speak Chinese, whenever you see bamboo flutes, you may think of the problem "disappearing", but if not, bamboo flutes are not necessary in a home and in fact, may look rather odd in a contemporary setting.

Where should I place my wind chimes?

Wind Chimes are also a recent addition to our homes and gardens and can be used as a metal cure, although in professional practice, less intrusive metal elements are often preferred. Care must also be taken with wind chimes, as placing them together with certain energies can create a particularly undesirable combination. As with a water feature or fountain, if you notice detrimental effects after having placed a wind chime, remove it from the space.

I've read that because of our birth year, my future partner is not suitable! How do I find out more?

You may read that you and your partner are incompatible because you were born in conflicting years. Analysing a Chinese Astrology chart is extremely complex and whether two people are compatible should not be decided by year alone. In fact, the year in which you were born is a very small part of your chart. Learning to read and interpret Chinese Astrology charts takes in-depth knowledge and practical experience, hence we cover the subject as an Advanced course in our Feng Shui Professional Consultant courses and Distance Learning programmes.

Annual Flying Star Cures

Flying Star Feng Shui, or Xuan Kong Feng Shui, is considered one of the most powerful and long-lasting methods of Feng Shui. However, along with many Feng Shui methods over the years, Flying Star Feng Shui has been greatly simplified, and as a result, now frequently misunderstood.

Calculating a Flying Star chart is relatively easy, and indeed, there are websites that will calculate the chart for you, even providing advice on how to rectify problems. However, this advice can only be general, as analysing a Flying Star chart on paper is not the same as analysing a space in real life. Your home is not the same as others; it is unique. Your home will be decorated using different colours, textures, and fabrics, and the way in which you place furniture and use your space (with some areas being active and others more quiet), has a significant bearing on the Flying Stars.

Is there a simple way to Feng Shui my home?

Feng Shui is an in-depth subject, and there are no quick fixes; all techniques require knowledge, training, practice and experience. Although there are many websites offering free Feng Shui advice, unfortunately, much of it is either greatly simplified, based in superstition, or worst still, incorrect. In addition, advice can only be general, not specific to you, your family and your home or business.

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