The Definitive Guide to Nine Star Ki Feng Shui Astrology

One of the oldest forms of astrology, Nine Star Ki is used in Feng Shui to gain insight into a person's character. Learn the energy of each year and the influences affecting you within a nine year cycle. Including:

Personality traits, relationship compatibility, ideal career paths, promotion at work, when health issues will develop and how to help, when marriage and children are likely, and if fame or recognition is your destiny. It can even help through so called “bad luck” periods, an aspect not possible with western astrology.

Learn from the real Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology experts!

Nine Star Ki Astrology Feng Shui Course Curriculum Table of Contents

Learn from the Feng Shui Experts

Complete step-by-step guide to Nine Star Ki Astrology. With over 24,000 words, animated presentations, case studies and step-by-step guides, the course is the most comprehensive and clearest ever written on the subject of Nine Star Ki Feng Shui Astrology.

Within just a few chapters, we teach you how to easily and accurately compile Nine Star Ki horoscopes. The majority of the course then extensively teaches analysis, interpretation and the application of Nine Star Ki Astrology; the most important part of the discipline.

Guiding you from the basic principles, to the most complex techniques in simple, easy to understand steps, learn simple, subtle cures to improve your quality of life.

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Professional Feng Shui Distance Learning Training Courses

As an Intermediate course, Nine Star Ki is Step 2 in the Seven Steps to Feng Shui Mastery Professional Consultant Distance Learning training programme.

Using Nine Star Ki astrology, Feng Shui consultants and practitioners can provide their clients with personalised character profiles, favourable travel directions for moving home, the best times to do something important in life, as well as relationship analysis. Nine Star Ki astrology is also particularly useful when conducting a business consultation and in understanding team dynamics.

Used in combination with a Feng Shui consultation, recommend simple, subtle cures to help balance, and advise your clients on ways to attract wealth, relationships, power, status and creativity.

Nine Star Ki Astrology Distance Learning CourseCourse Curriculum and Contents

Chapter 1 The Stuff of Stars

  • The importance of Astrology
  • The Great Bear
  • Personal Chemistry
  • Calculating your 9 Star Ki numbers
  • Emotional or Childhood Number

Chapter 2 Personal Profiles

  • Celebrity Profiles
  • Intellectual Qualities
  • Interpersonal Qualities
  • Basic Emotions
  • Work / Career
  • Love, Sex &, Partner Relations

Chapter 3 Timeliness

  • The Seasons
  • Nine Star Shadows

Chapter 4 The Time Dimension

  • Personal Cycles
  • Palace Tendencies
  • Palace Trends
  • Yearly Cycles
  • Monthly Cycles
  • The Ba Gua
  • Soul Evolution

Chapter 5 Palace Compatibility

  • The Attribute Cycle
  • Assigning Attributes
  • Output
  • Wealth
  • Power
  • Resource
  • Self
  • House of Mother
  • House of Father
  • Case Studies

Chapter 6 Relationship Compatibility

  • Compatibility Profiles
  • Finding your Soul Mate
  • Ki Number Interactions
  • Inner Conflicts
  • Childhood & Natal Numbers
  • Child & Adult Influences
  • Gender & Adult/Child
  • Relationship Types & Cures
  • Case Studies

Chapter 7 Directionology

  • Annual Chart
  • Favourable / Unfavourable Directions
  • The Rule of Five

Chapter 8 Ki Character and Emotions

  • Organs & Emotions
  • Personal Evolution
  • Five Element Tastes
  • Ideal Diet

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