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Nine Star Ki Astrology Course - Step THREE - Feng Shui Mastery program

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Nine Star Ki Astrology Course

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This Nine Star Ki Astrology course will empower you to take charge of your life and to help others along the way. It is extremely comprehensive and fully illustrated with animated presentations, to make this astrological knowledge very easy to understand.

"Its amazing. I'm loving it". Jose - Belgium

As STEP three of the “Seven Steps to Feng Shui Mastery” Professional Accredited Feng Shui Consultant course this course will teach you thow to accurately predict changes in people’s lives, inclusive of:

  • When clients will marry and have children. Receive money, promotion from their careers, even achieve fame or recognition if it is their destiny.
  • When health issues will develop and how to help cure them by adding a supporting element.
  • How to resolve inherent personality problems or conflicts and increase esteem and self-worth.
  • You will learn compatibility in relationships and how to change a flagging partner perhaps into a soul mate.
  • You will be able to advise clients on their ideal career path and subsequently how to get the most from life.
  • Advising on colour and power dressing clients can improve their confidence and attract wealth, relationships, power, status and creativity to them.
  • This professional astrology course will probably change your life and certainly your understanding of the natural world as a result.

"This Nine Star Ki course is magnificent!" - M Cardell - U.S.A.

This accredited Nine Star Ki course has over 24 000 words, is fully illustrated with many animated presentations to help you understand the deepest levels of this subject. You can download the course immediately, or if you prefer receive the DVD. This course is part of the accredited professional feng shui practitioner course and is a required stage of the professional Seven Step Feng Shui Consultant programme. The course costs £180 and you can order below. BUY NOW!

"I’ve more or less also read the books from Steve Gagné, Jon Sandifer and Takashi Yoshikawa, and while some books had more detail about some subjects, the real understanding behind it all came after going through your course". Benny - Belgium

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Nine Star Ki - the stuff of stars!

Since man first walked upon the earth he held a fascination for the stars. Our earliest civilisations based their life on natural cycles determined by the sun. This astrology gave rise to perhaps our oldest science, namely Astronomy. This in turn led us to realise that energy is created in stars like our own sun, which affects all life on earth. In fact, the basic building blocks of life like Carbon, Nitrogen, Calcium, and Phosphorus originated in stars. So in essence we are made of the stuff of stars.

At birth our energy is greatly influenced by astrology, that is the position of the stars and planets. To understand these effects we produce an energy blueprint or horoscope, which defines our personality.

As fate is the effect of stellar changes it is important to know how and when these changes occur and their effect on our life. To do this we need to understand nature and during this online nine star astrology course you will learn just that. From this astrological knowledge you can recommend simple subtle cures that support the client and greatly improve their quality of life, even through so called “bad luck” periods, - an aspect not possible with western astrology.

The most comprehensive Nine Star Ki Astrology on the internet.

Nine Star Ki CD CoverProtx secure paymentsThis accredited Nine star Ki Astrology course has over 24 000 words, is fully illustrated with many animated presentations to help you understand the deepest levels of this subject. You can download the course immediately, or if you prefer you can receive the DVD. We guarantee that you will not find a better course on this subject BUY NOW for £180.00 – excellent value for professional training! .


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