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Feng Shui Business Consultation Course - Step Four - Feng Shui Mastery

feng shui business course

Feng Shui Business Consultation course

Welcome to this comprehensive Feng Shui Business distance learning course—Step 4 in the Seven Step Feng Shui Mastery programme. It has everything that you need to get great results as a feng shui consultant in any office or commercial environment and includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to read the rings of a Chinese compass or Luo pan. This unlocks the wisdom of all of the Feng Shui masters throughout history and provides many new to the west techniques that have been tried, tested and proven to the best feng shui results.
  • We also explore the world of Aestheticism and learn the science of proportion as applied to all office settings and environments, so as well as great feng shui results for companies you can also produce an environment that is both beautiful and natural looking.
  • In depth multi-dimensional feng shui and how to find and use auspicious measurements.

This is the Feng Shui Business course I wish I had when starting to learn feng shui. - Shi De Ling

Feng Shui Business Consultation course

This Feng Shui business course on DVD is beautifully illustrated throughout has great depth and contains almost 24 000 words on how to conduct professional Feng Shui consultations in offices and businesses. PLUS animated presentations teach you the most difficult concepts in an unforgettable way. The cost of this intermediate course is just GB £180, which is an incredibly cost effective price to pay for professional training. You can order now through our secure online facilities. Or see our full contents below and then order.

Feng Shui Business course table of contents

Chapter One - Building Shapes and Elemental Influences
You Cannot Fit a Square Peg Into a Round Hole
Elemental Influences
Form School Principles

Chapter Two - Entering the Site  
The Main Entrance
First Impressions Are The Longest               

Chapter Three - Multi- Dimensional Feng Shui
Sacred Geometry and Seating Positions
The Golden Ratio
Finding the Middle Way 
Fibonacci Numbers
Application Of Sacred Geometry
How May We Help You?
The Reception Desk
Power Position
Lifts and Elevators
The Five Rat He Tu Timeliness

Chapter Four - Elemental Balance
5 Element Index for Business Type
Internal Influences

Chapter Five - The Business of Feng Shui
Feng Shui Tools – The Luo Pan
What Is a Luo Pan?
Facing Direction and Sitting Position
Option 1 – Mountain Water
Option 2 - Topography
Option 3 – Natural Beauty
Option 4 – Building Function
Using a Luo Pan

Chapter Six - The Inner Rings of the Luo Pan
Ring One – Heaven Pool
Ring Two & Three - Trigrams
Trigram Water Techniques
Disappearing Water
Death Water       
Working With Plans
Desk Placement

Chapter Seven - Twelve Palaces  
Chapter Eight - Ring Five – Lo Shu
Twenty Four Heavenly Stars
Case Study

global business feng shui

Chapter Eight - Twenty Four Mountains
The Ten Heavenly Stems
Stem Combinations
Yin Yang Feng Shui Chiang Yi
Earthly Branches
Eight Portents

Chapter Nine - Na Jia
Na Jia and Earthly Branches
Earth Mother Gua Change
Nine Star Ring– Advanced Eight Portents
The Eight Portents For Businesses
Nine Stars
Portent Application
Going With the Flow!
Feng Shui Business Consultation Checklist

Chapter Ten - Eight Sha Yellow Spring Plate

Chapter Eleven - Office Furniture
The Auspicious Dimensions
The Men Guang or Lu Ban Ruler  
The Unlucky Dimensions               

Chapter Twelve - Landscaping


Feng Shui busines courseWe believe this is the most comprehensive course available for business and commercial consultations. It is easy to understand, fully illustrated and has great depth.
Naturally, it is accredited by the Feng Shui Institute and taking this course will help teach you how to become a professional Feng Shui business consultant.

The cost of this intermediate course is just GB £180, which is an incredibly cost effective price to pay for professional training. Please order through our secure online facilities.

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