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Feng Shui Training Courses - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Please see our answers to frequently asked questions about the Feng Shui School, feng shui course contents, registration, fees, etc. Please click on a subject heading below to view questions and answers relating to your selection.

Frequently Asked Questions - Professional Feng Shui Consultant Classes

Frequently Asked Questions - Distance Learning Professional Feng Shui Consultant Programme

Frequently Asked Questions - One Day Foundation Course

Our Feng Shui School

Alan Stirling is one of the world's top Feng Shui Master Consultants. Alan consistently gets outstanding Feng Shui results for his clients, ranging from businesses and homes to multi national companies and household names. Alan teaches highly successful traditional Chinese Feng Shui at The Feng Shui Schoo of Excellence that students can use from day one.

Feng Shui School Curriculum

Our curriculum has all the Feng Shui techniques needed to quickly get the best results. This knowledge enables our students to become some of today's most respected and successful Feng Shui consultants. In providing the finest Feng Shui education available anywhere, we are known internationally as the Feng Shui School of Excellence!

Should you have any further questions, please consult our Contact Us page.

Our comprehensive, year long Feng Shui mastery course will teach you all the Feng Shui techniques needed to quickly get the best results in any residential or commercial environment. This can enable you to become one of today's most respected and successful Feng Shui consultants.

Feng Shui Professional Consultant Attendance Course FAQ's

Is an attendance course for you?

Please ask yourself the following questions before signing up to our attendance course:

  • Do you have one weekend per month for twelve months free to attend the school - mostly online from wherever you are?
  • Do you learn better face-to-face with a tutor and interacting with your fellow students?
  • Do you have time between workshops to practice what you have learnt?

we are now streaming all classes

Since September 2017 all classes and workshops are now streamed online, so you can now interactively attend wherever you are. This provides a unique experience not seen before in any classroom, that of instant feng shui analysis with the application of appropriate cures – LIVE across a range of multiple locations. As our work involves analysing environments, this is the perfect medium to learn feng shui and gain the best experience of many different and varied locations. It is so much better than a static classroom.

Each technique learned can also be instantly applied and assessed, you will be directed personally by Master Alan and can even practice with other students. This shared knowledge provides both a great and highly memorable experience.

In addition to expert tuition directly from Master Alan, revision is incredibly easy as you can gain access to each video recording after the class, which allows you to study whenever you like.

However, if you prefer to study on your own without any time limit you may be better suited to our Professional Feng Shui Consultant Distance Learning courses.

Course Duration

The Professional Feng Shui Consultant course consists of twelve weekend workshops, conducted over a period of 12 months.  Please see workshop dates

Please Note: All twelve workshops on the Professional Consultants Programme are required to be taken in order to qualify as a Feng Shui Consultant and receive professional accreditation from the Feng Shui Institute.

Course Fees and Payments

The Feng Shui Consultant course fee is £3400.00, made up an initial £400 non-refundable deposit, followed by twelve payments of £250.  Once we have received your deposit and you have been accepted onto the course, you may pay the balance of £3000 in its entirety or by twelve payments of £250.00 payable before the start of each workshop.  If you choose to pay by monthly installment, regular monthly payments must be maintained.  

Course Materials and Resources

You will be provided with workshop notes at each weekend. Should you wish to practice feng shui professionally, we recommend you purchase a traditional Chinese compass.  There are also two reference books that you will find useful, details of which will be supplied nearer the time.


As well as set assignments each month, you will receive a number of Home Study questions to help you study and assimilate the key points within the course at a regular and steady pace.  Although we do not require you to return the Home Study answers to us, we strongly recommend that you spend time between workshops reading them or viewing the recordings.  Any questions you have can then be raised at the following workshop. We also require you to practice what you have learnt in class, firstly in your own home and then, as you become more confident and proficient, in the homes of friends, family or in a work setting. This does not have to be videoed and all information will be treasted as confidential. Your findings are then discussed at the next workshop.

Teaching Support

When you sign up for our Professional Feng Shui Consultant Training Course you will receive free Email support from a qualified Feng Shui Practitioner/teacher. However, our students are encouraged to ask questions and share experiences in a class setting as we believe all students benefit from this communication and interaction. 

Feng Shui School of Excellence Yahoo Group

As a student of the Feng Shui School of Excellence, you will also be entitled to join the Feng Shui School of Excellence Yahoo Group, where you, your fellow students, qualified consultants and previous attendees of the school can meet to discuss all things Feng Shui!

Feng Shui training for personal use

Some feng shui students just want to understand and use Feng Shui in their own home, not practice professionally and that's fine. If you would like to become a professional Feng Shui Consultant, registered with the Feng Shui Institute and charge for your services, you will need to attend all twelve workshops.

Professional Feng Shui Consultant Qualification

Upon completion of the course and in passing the final exam, you will become a qualified Feng Shui Consultant and entitled to use the letters RCFSI (Registered Consultant Feng Shui Institute) after your name. In order to practice Feng Shui professionally, we recommend you purchase a traditional Chinese compass or Luo Pan, details of which are given during the course. To be listed with the FSI as a Professional Feng Shui Consultant, you will also have to agree to the FSI Code of Ethics and obtain your own Public Indemnity insurance, details of which can be obtained from the school.

Feng Shui Masterclasses

Once you have completed the course and qualified as a Feng Shui Consultant, you will be invited to attend our Feng Shui Master Classes and receive on-going Feng Shui training. These courses are announced via our Feng Shui School forum.

Teach Feng Shui

You may be able to become an Accredited Feng Shui Institute Instructor once you have completed the Professional Feng Shui Consultant Course. Please contact us for more information.

Refund, Cancellation and Transfer Policy

Course Deposit

Places on the course are strictly limited and available on a first come, first served basis.  To secure your place on the course, the school requires a £400 non-refundable deposit.  Should your deposit arrive too late to secure a place on the course, we will notify you that the course is full and your deposit will either be immediately refunded or held as a deposit for the next available course, whichever you prefer.

Student cancellations prior to start of course

All cancellations must be made in writing by Email or by post and should provide 30 days notice.
Please note:
Course deposits are non-refundable, unless in the unlikely event that the school is unable to provide the course that was offered.

Missed Classes

If you are unable to attend a workshop, please inform us as soon as possible. If you have decided to pay for the course in instalments, you must maintain regular payments as set out in the payment schedule in order to continue with the course, even if you have missed a workshop. We will send you the notes for the missed session by post in order for you to continue your studies at home. You may then attend the relevant workshop on the next available date at no additional cost.

Student Withdrawal

In the event of a student having enrolled and consequently withdrawing from the programme, course fees paid in advance after the notice required notice period, will be refunded in full.  Upon arrival at the workshop, you will be given course notes for the entire workshop and therefore, no refunds will be given after arrival at the workshop because of sickness or any other cause.

Guest Attendance

A “guest” is defined as a student who has not enrolled onto the entire course with the course deposit and who wishes to attend a specific class as a one-off. Guest attendance is subject to availability and relevant experience. Guest attendance must be booked and paid for in advance. Guest fees are not subject to Early Bird discounts and are non-refundable.


Although extremely unlikely, courses may be cancelled if minimum enrolment numbers are not achieved and/or maintained through the duration of the course.  Under these circumstances, students will be offered the option of a transfer to another course.

If you need any further information regarding our Professional Feng Shui Consultant Attendance course, please let us know.

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