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Since its inception in 1997, the Alan Stirling International Feng Shui School of Excellence has gained an enviable reputation for providing quality, in depth Feng Shui training.

Teaching only the most successful and long lasting traditional Chinese Feng Shui techniques, this is where some of the very best, most effective Feng Shui consultants, practitioners and teachers learnt their art. The school attracts students from all over the world, many of which are professional architects, designers and health practitioners.

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As our reputation for Feng Shui excellence has spread, so has respect for our graduates. If you have received training at a Feng Shui school, you will probably at some point, make your way to the Feng Shui School of Excellence to enhance your education and deepen your knowledge.

In fact, many students from other Feng Shui schools have told us how they wished they had originally trained with us because now they receive the best feng shui consultation results ever! Indeed other Feng Shui schools send their teachers to us to try to emulate this success, and as we believe that Feng Shui should benefit everyone, we welcome practicing Feng Shui consultants and practitioners to our school.

I've put into practice some of the things you've taught me over the past few months and it's amazing!" VS Feng Shui Consultant/ Executive Committee member - Feng Shui Society UK

About Alan

Alan Stirling has become a pioneer in the Feng Shui world since starting his own Feng Shui journey over 30 years ago. From his knowledge of science, mysticism, Chinese language and culture, he demystifies Feng Shui so that we can all use Feng Shui to live in natural harmony with our environment.

Alan is a natural healer, Reiki Master and Teacher and as such, is adept at clearing and working with all kinds of energy or Qi. He studied to be an architect and has always had a deep fondness for structure and form. However when helping a school friend to run a disco for a nearby school, he decided to become a disc jockey. This took him to most parts of the world and he became an international broadcaster with an audience of 6 million people.

Progressing from there he stayed in communications and ran a popular magazine for the Middle East, spending the next fifteen years in marketing and communications. During this time he maintained his healing practice and studied world metaphysics, specialising in Chinese philosophy, particularly the I Ching.

"Its a fate thing"

In 1986, Alan first came across the words Feng Shui, which immediately struck a resonance with him and once again changed his fate. Driven by these words, he spent the intervening years studying with Feng Shui masters from east and west, discovering and implementing the deepest secrets of this noble art. He returned to working with buildings and more importantly "people in their environment" and in 1997, at the request of his Feng Shui consultation clients, decided to share this knowledge. So began The Alan Stirling Feng Shui School, now recognised internationally as the Alan Stirling Feng Shui school of Excellence and it is Alan's passion, drive and knowledge that continues to drive our school forward.

feng shui master consultant

  • Feng Shui Master and Fellow of the Feng Shui Institute - the Home of Traditional Chinese Feng Shui
  • Senior member of the Feng Shui Educational and Standards committee - setting educational standards for all UK consultants and practitioners
  • Principal tutor and owner of the Alan Stirling International Feng Shui School of Excellence
  • Former Registered Consultant and Regional Chairman Feng Shui Society, UK
  • Author of the most successful Feng Shui Distance Learning courses

Alan still maintains a busy and highly successful international Feng Shui consultancy and his clients include some of the world's best known companies and institutions. He regularly appears in the media, including The Times, The Daily Telegraph, The BBC World service, radio and TV. He is usually available for Feng Shui Consultations via www.fengshuithatworks.co.uk.

Some student thoughts about our classes and distance learning modules

"I can highly recommend Alan's Feng Shui course. His classes are a perfect combination of being both insightful and engaging, something which has not only facilitated me in gaining a deep insight into this topic but has made it a real joy. I have felt both inspired and supported by Alan and had the confidence to continue and launch my own business. I can't thank him enough!"  Jana Class of 2017- UK

You are a very good teacher and have vast knowledge not just in Feng Shui but in the university of life. I would recommend your course to anyone who genuinely has an interest in Feng Shui. They will be fascinated by the ancient Chinese philosophy and how it affects us without us being aware. It will open their minds to a whole new approach in the prospective of life. Thank you once again.Krisz Class of 2017- UK

“This course has far exceeded my expectations in many ways, based on my experience of other courses to develop knowledge of a particular subject. The friendship and camaraderie of the class, sheer volume of information and learning and Alan's all-knowing omnipotence for feng shui has been outstanding and reassuring every step of the way”
Anne-Marie Class of 2017- UK

“Thank you for the amazing Feng Shui journey!”
NF Feng Shui Consultant - UK

I just like to say a big "thank you " for being my Feng Shui Teacher for the past year. I have found your class informative, constructive, interesting and lots of fun. Each month we are presented with a different topic, some more challenging than others. Just as we think we have gasped the idea, you would add another layer on top making it more interesting and challenging. However, you are very patient and reassuring. You have a unique way of making things easy to understand. Then surely just like you said, as if you have waved a magic wand; like that part of a jigsaw puzzle, everything that we've learnt just falls into place - MAGIC!!!!!Krisz Class of 2017- UK

"On a whim, I signed up for the taster session, not really knowing what I was letting myself in for. I had tried to read about Feng Shui in the past and found it unfathomable. As I soon discovered, Alan thankfully has a way of making what in the average person's hands is an incredibly complex, impenetrable subject into something logical, practical and easy to digest (and often times very funny too). By lunchtime on the 1st day I was already certain I wanted to take the full professional accreditation. The breadth and depth of what we covered over the course of the year is and I can't wait to start putting it into practice."Issy Class Of 2017

I came to this course simply to add another layer to my bow as an Interior Designer, yet after being exposed to the vast dynamics of FENG SHUI, I leave this course with the intention of making it my sole speciality. What I have learnt has profoundly changed not only the direction of my life, but also the very way in which I view it. The insight I have gained into myself and my environment, as well as those around me has been immeasurable. Knowing what I now know, I am just so excited to start the next part of my journey and take what I had learnt out into the world! Thank you Alan, Sachelle Class of 2017- UK

The more I study Feng Shui the more I realise how little I know and how much there is to learn. It's disheartening to realise just how little I did learn from other schools, but I suppose I had to start somewhere. I'm so glad I did my course at a time when our school had links with yourself, otherwise I'd still be blindly ignorant of traditional Feng Shui
teaching."LE Feng Shui Consultant - UK

It was a pleasure to be studying under the guidance of a real professional. One simply couldn't learn more about authentic Feng Shui and Chinese astrology in a year anywhere else."YLF - Singapore

"I was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn true traditional Feng Shui with you, especially considering the fact that I did not really know what Feng Shui was and decided to join spontaneously. Thank youvery much again for your teaching".
S Cheves

After just workshop one, we'd covered everything found in Feng Shui books - and I'd read most of them! After that, the information just didn't cease. A fantastic course for any true seeker of knowledge!"
AS Feng Shui Consultant - UK

"With such great teachers as Alan and Alison it's such a great opportunity. I can't thank you enough for your support throughout this current year - you each have a very different style of teaching that compliments each other and has made the learning experience complete - and very enjoyable"

For me, the year was truly a triumph of personal growth, wisdom and insight, and proved exactly what it means to be at the right place at the right time."
IK Feng Shui Consultant - Finland

“I've read books and practiced with my own home for the last 12 years and I learned more in the first 15 pages of this course then in that entire time"
PJ Dix - USA

“I must say I read about the 4P (Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese astrology) already in quite some books, but I was never satisfied with the content. One blink through your course already shows me I will make a good progress with it. Thanks for offering these courses"
Benny Belgium

“I’ve more or less also read the books from Steve Gagné, Jon Sandifer and Takashi Yoshikawa, and while some books had more detail about some subjects, the real understanding behind it all came after going through your course"
Benny - Belgium

“I have received the DVD with the course. Let me say that it is very well written with beautiful illustrations. Above all the knowledge is excellent, you explain Feng Shui very well, not like the "Pop Feng Shui" books. Congratulations!"
Jose Cotta - Portugal

“Excellent work, amazing, perfect. Congratulations on the wonderful presentation"
R Gonzalez - Colombia, S America

“Your I Ching course is very well done and you have explained many things that had confused me before"
Indira - USA

“I've Studied Feng Shui on my own for several years and read a lot of books. I've found a comprehensive, well-structured, clear course in your Key Concepts Feng Shui course"
J. D. Groef - Belgium

“A plethora of excellent reading in this feng shui course CD"
E.C - Philippines

“This course is great"
E Delikoura - Greece

“As of now I Ching really blows my mind. Thanks for the great course"
David Chan - Malaysia

“Congratulations. The course is clearly laid out, the illustrations are great and the Powerpoint presentations a wonderful help in clarifying the trickier concepts"
Nick - Belgium

“Thank you so much for your very inspiring course"
Elena - France

“Am so full of admiration for your Earth Acupuncture course and feel so fortunate to have discovered your website. It has positively enriched our lives and I am so grateful for sharing your insights and wisdom"

A wonderful course"
Sooseebee - UK

“I have really enjoyed this I ching course, it is very good indeed"
Chris - UK

“Its amazing. I'm loving it"
Jose - Belgium

“This I Ching course is SOOO cool!"

“I read a couple of "Western" Feng Shui books and there was something that did not sit right with me. I couldn't help but wonder why they had to come up with a "new" way. I am so excited! I needed this feng shui course, and again I thank you for your time and kindness"
J Ellen - US

“Super course, very enlightening!"

“This feng shui course is brilliant value for money"Helen - UK

“Love what I read and am so happy that I found you on the Internet. Thank you"
Margrete - Norway

“Am enjoying this feng shui course very much. Many thanks for the great work you are doing”
C de Wet - S Africa

“This I Ching course is great, the presentation is excellent and even though the topic is quite complex the explanations are extremely clear, which is very helpful"
Jose.De Groef - Belgium

“Key Concepts course is brilliant! I didn't want to stop reading it!"
K Tolhurst UK

“Thoroughly enjoying this Feng Shui course. Excellent"
T Hennigan - Eire

“A great Feng Shui course"!
Larissa - UK

“This Nine Star Ki course is magnificent!"
M Cardell - U.S.A

“I have always loved the philosophy behind Chinese medicine (I’m an acupuncturist) and this takes me several steps on and also widens my appreciation. I’m finding the course is well structured and simple to follow but also challenging.”
Geraldine - UK

I'd taken feng shui courses before but wanted a more omprehensive course. I'm so glad I came you to you - finally!"
LS Feng Shui Consultant - UK

“I read a couple books on "Western" Feng Shui, and there was something that did not sit right with me. I couldn't help but wonder why they had to come up with a "new" way. I am so excited! I needed this course, and again I thank you for your time and kindness”
Jo Ellen - USA

“After reading the first chapter you are left wondering why you have been reading 'Basic' Feng Shui literature and it is only then that you realise how little you know and how much more you will learn”
MT Feng Shui Practitioner - Nottingham UK

I think you have done an excellent job. In the philosophical part, you provide the information in an easy to understand pictorial manner that even I, with my limited knowledge of English, can understand the Chinese approach without getting lost in needless data. The practical part seems to be written in a way that makes the more difficult concepts easier to understand. I think I will have learned a lot about Feng Shui when I have finished this course.
Herbert Rhein - Germany"

Having taken several other on-line courses, as well as having done other classroom studies, I believe I am in a position to comment on your course, which I find rich in theory (which other courses lack), wellcomposed, and well-worth the cost”
Evangelia - Johannesburg, South Africa

“I feel very privileged to have learnt with you and know that we meet the right people at the right time."C.S. Smith - UK

I would like to say that in my area there is interest in Feng Shui but most of what is available is the western or black hat Feng Shui. I have to say that I am pleased that I found your school and instruction as when I say that I am studying Traditional Feng Shui based upon physics, not the westernized version, people are quite impressed. I am very grateful for the quality of both your course and instruction. Distance learning can be challenging without direct interaction but I so appreciate the help and direction I have been given. It is very important to me to understand my courses as I wish to combine the practice of Feng Shui with my organizing and home staging business which the purpose is to bring harmony, comfort and beauty to one's space. Thank you so very much !"
Sherry - USA

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