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seven day fast track feng shui course curriculum

Get where you're going quicker with a fast track course!

Designed for absolute beginners and practicing consultants alike, our intensive 7-day fast-track course guides you through the key elements of traditional Chinese feng shui.

Following a logical approach, the course has been specially designed to ensure you gain all the feng shui skills and knowledge you need in a short time frame, both theoretical and practical.

Interactive Live Stream

Wherever you are in the world, stream our fully interative feng shui classes to your device from the comfort of your home or office.

• Enjoy live 2-way interaction with your tutor and a shared learning experience with your fellow students.

Course Duration

The Intensive Fast Track course takes place over 7 full days (spread across a two and a half week period) and takes place from 10.00 GMT to 17.00. Naturally, you will want to absorb and apply the many feng shui concepts you have learnt, so there is time between classes; a moment just to pause, for further independant home study or to check how well you’ve understood previous lessons before moving on.

• Many of our courses also offer you the opportunity to do assignments and get feedback from your tutor and other learners. The final part of this course is an open forum revision weekend; a great opportunity to discover your strengths and weaknesses, get tips on how to improve and inspire you with confidence that you're on the right track.

Learn New Skills

As the premier Feng Shui School for feng shui professional training for over twenty years, we teach in class, via distance learning and online. Classes are available for all abilities from complete beginners to advanced students. Whatever your level of knowledge and whichever format you choose, we retain our core principles of teaching Traditional Chinese Feng Shui techniques that get the best results.

Free Video Recording

At the end of the course, download a free video recording of the classes to help you apply feng shui in your home or office, or to brush up on any particular technique you want to practice further. We also offer distance learning formats for maximum flexibility.

Accelerated Learning

Whether you are studying for personal interest or professional development, many of our courses are stepping stones, from one stage to the next. They also contain valuable knowledge in their own right.

• The 7-day Intensive Fast Track course also includes the essential knowledge required to join us for the second year of the professional feng shui mastery course in September. If you're not ready to commit to the professional course, start with the Intensive Fast Track course to gradually build your studies, and if you opt for the professional course later, you’re already part way there.

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Day 1 - Feng Shui World

  • Feng Shui World The History of Feng Shui. What does Feng Shui really mean, where it comes from and how it produces incredible results.
  • Yin & Yang The Tai Chi symbol explained and why it is at the heart of understanding Feng Shui.
  • Qi What exactly is Qi, where it comes from and what we can do with it.
  • Wu Xing - The Five Elements Energy Dynamics, using colour, shape, textures and aromas for five sense Feng Shui.
  • Form School The perfect furniture positions in the bedroom, lounge, dining room, children’s rooms and office.
  • The Ba Gua Part 1 How to improve relationships, health, career, respect, harmony, creativity, children’s lives, networking and travel through the Bagua Energy Map.
  • Feng Shui Cures How to correctly use Feng Shui enhancements.

Day 2 - Compass School (Part One)

  • Feng Shui Ba GuaThe Ba Gua Part 2. Aligning a building with magnetic compass directions to achieve natural harmony and balance.
  • The Luo Shu square and Trigrams Ancient wisdom for the modern world and the foundations of Chinese philosophy.
  • Compass Directions The Xian Tian and Hou Tian Ba Gua and when to use them.
  • Personal Trigram or Ming Gua (Kua number) Directions for love, relationships, health, wealth and harmony. Balancing East and West Groups
  • Eight House Feng Shui Ba Zhai, the eight mansions or eight portents and how to use them.
  • Feng Shui Cures How to use Feng Shui cures, crystals, the correct use of mirrors, lighting, plants and water placement.
  • Architectural Plans Measuring, drawing up and correctly aligning a floor plan. Missing corners and Projections, identifying and dealing with unusual shaped floor plans.

Day 3 - Advanced Compass School (Part Two)

  • feng shui compassInner Rings of the Luo Pan. Understanding and using techniques encoded in the traditional Chinese compass.
  • The Twenty Four Mountains The sexagesimal cycle, Chinese astrology clashes, combinations and compatibility between the Ten Heavenly Stems and Twelve Earthly branches, or animals of the Chinese zodiac.
  • Timeliness Understanding the strength of the Five Elements.
  • Na Jia Advanced Eight House East and West group compatibility revisited and practical applications.
  • Ming Gua Its influence on auspicious and inauspicious directions, including favourable facing and sleeping directions and compatibility.
  • Nature's Calendar; The Twenty Four Seasons and date selection.

Day 4 - Feng Shui for Business Consultations

  • Inner Rings of the Luo Pan Understanding and using techniques encoded in the traditional Chinese compass.
  • Trigram Water Techniques - Disappearing water, Death water
  • The Twenty Four Mountains
  • The sexagesimal cycle,
  • The Ten Heavenly Stems
  • Twelve Earthly branches
  • Animals of the Chinese zodiac.
  • Chinese astrology clashes,
  • Combinations and compatibility
  • Timeliness Understanding the strength of the Five Elements.

Day 5 - I Ching Divination

  • i ching feng shuiHistory of the I Ching.
  • How to prepare and cast a divination changing lines and what they mean.
  • Secrets of Yin and Yang trigrams and hexagrams, hidden meanings of the texts, nuclear gua, inverse and reverse gua, explanation of the I Ching Judgments, Peach Blossoms, divining the I Ching by commentaries or yaos.
  • Advanced Wen Wang Gua the advanced method of divining the I Ching, the magnitude or strength of effects and when the results will actually happen.

Days 6 & 7 - Mastering Year One

  • Revision.
  • Assessment.
  • Open Forum.
  • Further education, practice and courses.

Limited Places

Class sizes are capped to maximise interaction between you, your classmates and tutor. Book Your 7 Day Fast Track Course.

Mastering Feng Shui

Once you have mastered the key elements covered in the fast-track course, you may then be invited to join the Professional Feng Shui Mastery course and spend the next year learning and applying advanced techniques such as Flying Star feng shui, the Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology, how to use a traditional Chinese compass, how to conduct professional consultations for homes and businesses, how to grow your business, and more; all essential in becoming a professional feng shui consultant. Of course, you can choose to learn the advanced feng shui techniques for your own personal use and not practice professionally.

See the Professional Feng Shui Mastery Consultant Course curriculum.

Feng Shui School of Excellence - Furthering Feng Shui Education

Our emphasis is always to empower students to get the best feng shui results for themselves and their family and, as a professional feng shui consultant, their clients.

We have students worldwide (currently more than 70 countries) and regularly train teachers from other professional Feng Shui schools. More importantly, we are continually furthering the education of practicing Feng Shui consultants. If you have trained at another Feng Shui school, you will probably at some point, make your way to us to enhance your education and deepen your knowledge. In fact, many students have said how they wished they had originally trained with us because now they receive the best feng shui results ever!