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Dowsing course with Space Clearing Step TWO - Feng Shui Mastery Programme

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Dowsing course with Space Clearing and Earth Acupuncture

This Dowsing course is the most comprehensive Space Clearing. Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture Distance Learning course ever produced. Instantly downloadable it is beautifully illustrated throughout and contains almost 24 000 words of how, and why dowsing works. It is ideal for anyone; from a complete novice to a seasoned professional, and has everything you need to learn to become a dowsing or Feng shui professional.

As Step TWO of our Seven Steps to Feng Shui Mastery series it is accredited and certified by the Feng Shui Institute.

"What a beautiful course!. This is the aspect of Feng Shui that I have been most interested in but never found the right course. I wish I could study with you in person." AG-USA

Dowsing course key points at a glance

  • Our course is based on science and mysticism. Science helps us understand and communicate dowsing concepts to our clients, whilst mysticism helps us further develop our own natural talents.

  • Learn how to access the deeper levels of your consciousness; to detect and then cure the effects of harmful radiation emitted by stagnant underground streams, mineral and gas deposits and even global geomagnetic grids.

  • Learn how to use pendulum dowsing which is fantastic for self-development, as it allows you to access everything from life's mysteries to the secrets of the universe. We teach you how to heal; either yourself, family, or the environment. You can even use it to make the right choices to improve your diet and lead a healthier life.

  • Learn how to cure Sick Building Syndrome, help settle bad neighbour problems, even clear unwanted negativity from any home or space.

I've just completed your Earth Acupuncture course. Both my husband and I are so full of admiration for your work and feel so fortunate to have discovered your web site. It has positively enriched our lives and I am so grateful for sharing your insights and wisdom. - LM USA

Step by step animations / presentation will teach you the following

  • Make your own dowsing rods.

  • Tell-tale signs of geopathic stress in a home environment and how to cure them by means of natural earth acupuncture.

  • ·Identify plants and trees most at risk from black streams and geopathic stress.

  • Shamanic library of the most common trees found in our Landscape with their hidden qualities and attributes.

  • Specialist dowsing section shows all of the tools of the trade to enable you to answer any question, prospect for gold, oil or even diamonds.

The Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture course is just GB £180; an incredibly cost effective price to pay for professional training. You can order now through our secure online facilities. Or see the full Dowsing Course contents and then order.


Dowsing Course Cover

As you can see from the Table of Contents this is probably the most comprehensive Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture distance learning course ever produced. Suitable for the complete novice to the seasoned professional, all will benefit from taking this dowsing course. For those new to dowsing, it has everything you need to become a Feng shui professional. At just GB £183 (including post and packing), it is a wonderful investment in yourself that should change your life and those you care about for the better.

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