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Feng Shui Distance Learning Training - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Is a Distance Learning course for you?

Please ask yourself the following questions before signing up to our Distance Learning Course:

  • Do you have access to a computer and are familiar with using it?
  • Do you have access to Email?
  • Do you have a printer (see Course Materials and Resources below)?
  • Are you self-motivated, happy working on your own and able to plan your work?
  • Do you not mind how long it takes to complete the course?

If you answer "no" to any of these questions, you may be better suited to our Professional Feng Shui Consultant Attendance Course where you will be working, learning and interacting with other students. See Feng Shui Classes in London.

Software Required

The Distance Learning Courses have been designed to work on most systems, including MACs. To view all the material in the courses requires the following free software. Please check that you already have or can download the following before signing up for an Online Course.

  • Adobe Acrobat Reader
  • PowerPoint Viewer

Study Time

This course has been designed for students to be able to study in their own time and in a location of their choice. You may take as long as you like to complete each course, but generally, students do not complete each course in less than four months per course. There are many new concepts within the course that students find fascinating, but may take time to implement in their own homes. Obviously, the time it takes to complete each course depends upon how much time you have to invest in learning, but we have no time limit for students to complete the course; it is entirely up to you.  Here's a rough guide to how long each course will take.

Course Approx. time of study hours
Foundation level
Key Concepts Course 200
Intermediate levels
Feng Shui Business
Feng Shui I Ching Divination 150
Earth Acupuncture and Dowsing 75
9 Star Ki Astrology 100
Advanced levels
Flying Star Feng Shui 200
Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology 250


Online Support

When you sign up for the complete Distance Learning Course you will receive free Email support from a qualified Feng Shui Practitioner/teacher.  Please note: we endeavour to answer all queries within 24 hours, although sometimes this is not possible, in which case we will get back to you as soon as possible. We also have a free Email forum that you can join and discuss Feng Shui with other students and tutors from around the world.  However, the test questions are not to be discussed and will not be allowed by the Moderator of the group.

Course Materials and Resources

All course materials and resources are included within each course. You may also print out the course for your own personal use.


Each course contains several activities intended to serve as study aid/self-assessment mechanisms, as well as a number of questions that you will need to answer in you own words and return to us for marking.  Half of the course tests theory; the other half tests the practical applications.  Furthermore, the final unit in each course will introduce an assignment that will require independent work. You will need to show your workings/floor plans and are shown how to do this in the course. You can then Email your answers back to the school and receive individual feedback and guidance on your work. If you are successful, you may move up to the next Feng Shui course. If unsuccessful you will be shown the areas you need to restudy and resubmit your paper.

DVD or Download

The Professional Feng Shui Consultant Distance Learning Course is available on DVD or via Download.
DVD: If you choose to receive your course on DVD, it will be posted to you once we have received notification of your payment. Please note that there is a £3.00 post and packing charge to receive courses on DVD.
Download: If you choose to receive your course via Download, you will be sent a link via Email with Download details and a password to access the course once we have received Email notification of your payment.

Feng Shui Qualification and Certification

Upon completion of all seven steps of the feng shui course and in passing the final exam you will become a qualified Feng Shui Consultant, entitled to use the letters RCFSI (Recommended Consultant Feng Shui Institute) after your name and issued with a certificate of competency as a Professional Feng Shui Consultant. No certificates are awarded until such time as you have passed the final exam.

Professional Feng Shui Consultant

In order to practice Feng Shui professionally, we recommend you purchase a traditional Chinese compass or Luo Pan, details of which are given in the “Feng Shui for Business” course. To be listed with the FSI as a Professional Feng Shui Consultant, you will also have to agree to the FSI Code of Ethics and obtain your own Public Indemnity insurance, details of which can be obtained from the FSI website.

Feng Shui training for personal use

Some students just want to understand and use Feng Shui in their own home, not practice professionally. The Key Concepts stage allows you to do this. If you would like to become a professional Feng Shui Consultant, registered with the Feng Shui Institute, you need to take all seven levels.

Teach Feng Shui

You may be able to become an Accredited Feng Shui Institute Instructor once you have completed the Advanced Levels. Please contact us for more information.

Currency Converter

Please go to www.xe.com, scroll down the page and enter the price of the course where it says "Convert this". Click on the button marked "From this currency", scroll down until you find GBP United Kingdom pounds, click here. Follow the previous procedure under the heading marked "To this currency" but this time, enter your desired currency instead of GBP. Finally click on the "Click to convert" button to show you the total cost in your currency.

Refund Policy

Downloaded Courses

We operate a strict No Refund policy on all downloaded courses.
Where there has been any difficulty in downloading documents, we will offer two additional attempts to download and if this fails, we will post out hard copy traceable copyright protected documents. Please note: a hardcopy will incur additional costs.

Posted DVDs

Delivery of Goods
No order will be dispatched until we have received notification of the payment from Paypal or until the funds have arrived in our bank account. Goods are dispatched within 1-6 days. If delivery is outside the UK delivery may take longer than 7 days. 

Goods Damaged in Transit
We take care to package our products carefully and all goods are handed over to our postal service provider in good condition. If your goods arrive damaged, please return them to us in their original wrapping and we will send a replacement.
DVDs fail to arrive
All courses are posted with traceable tracking numbers. If your product fails to arrive as expected, please contact us first so that we may trace the products on your behalf. If the postal provider cannot verify delivery within 28 days of the expected delivery date, we will provide you with a replacement free of charge.

We operate a strict No Refund policy on all DVDs once the customer has received them.

If you need any further information regarding our Professional Feng Shui Consultant Distance Learning course, please let us know.

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