Learn traditional Chinese feng shui to help improve quality of lives

joining a feng shui course

Professional Feng Shui Consultant Course - no prerequisites

Aimed at absolute beginners and practicing consultants alike, the Professional Consultant course guides you through every aspect of traditional Chinese Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology. To get the best Feng Shui results in any environment, home or business, you need to have received the best Feng Shui education. Naturally, this takes time - you simply cannot learn traditional, authentic Feng Shui in a week or even a month and still receive excellent and long-lasting results. Our comprehensive, year long Feng Shui curriculum allows you to consistently obtain maximum results, enabling you to become one of today's most respected and successful Feng Shui consultants.

one day taster course - no prerequisites

An introduction to traditional Chinese Feng Shui and an ideal opportunity for those with an interest in Feng Shui to learn more about it and more importantly, how to use it at home and work. An ideal course for those with a little or no Feng Shui knowledge who wish to develop their own Feng Shui further.

guest attendance - prerequisites apply

A “guest” is a student who has not enrolled onto Professional Feng Shui Consultant Course and who wishes to attend a specific class as a one-off. We have structured the Professional Feng Shui Consultant Course to guide our students step-by-step through the material, with each new concept building upon the knowledge gained in previous classes. As such, to provide you with a solid foundation, we have a requirement that at least the first three classes must be taken prior to any other classes in the programme. If you wish to attend one of our classes as a guest, please contact us before booking. Guest attendance is also subject to available places.

feng shui master classes - prerequisites apply

Once you have completed the Professional Feng Shui Consultant course, you will be invited to attend our special Feng Shui Masterclasses and Advanced courses. These courses are a wonderful opportunity to learn and practice more Feng Shui techniques and to help you develop your confidence and understanding of Feng Shui. Full details of courses aimed solely at attendees and graduates of the school are given via our forum.

If you have trained at another Feng Shui school and wish to further your Feng Shui knowledge, you may attend Advanced Feng Shui Courses and Feng Shui Masterclasses subject to places being available. However, many of the Feng Shui School of Excellence Masterclasses require a high level of knowledge and experience of certain subjects. Therefore, if you are not a previous attendee of the school, please contact us before booking any of our masterclasses.