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Feng Shui for Business: A Four-Day Specialist Course for Business Managers and Owners

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Our specialist Feng Shui for Business Course is targeted towards business managers and owners, graphic designers, architects, interior designers, office designers and facilities managers who want to improve their working environment through the application of Feng Shui. The course spans four days, across two weekends, and is held in London UK.

Attending this course will teach you how to get the best results from any commercial environment and learn advanced techniques to improve the flow of energy in your business or workspace.

By the end of the four days,  you will be able to understand the business environment from a Feng Shui perspective, recognise and treat potential problems inside an office and learn a wealth of techniques to improve the wellbeing, efficiency and morale of your staff and create a sanctuary that people want to work in.

You will also receive a certificate of attendance, which can count towards your continuous professional development.

What level of experience do you need to have to attend?

To attend this course, you will need to have a good understanding of the five elements and how they are used in Feng Shui. For those who wish to attend, but do not have this knowledge, we provide a Key-Concepts Foundation course, which can be studied at home in preparation. This training includes PDF notes, PowerPoint and video content and can be purchased below.

Key-Concepts Foundation Course – if required - click here to purchase now!

Otherwise read on for detailed course information on our Four Day Feng Shui for Business Course!

Module One – 15th and 16th Feb 2020 cost £340.

Module one contains all of the technical information required to conduct a professional consultation of your office or commercial workspace. Detailed course content is shown below.

Ba Gua and Advanced Eight Portents from a business consultation perspective.

This will show you the ideal locations for functionality and enhanced staff efficiency and can be scaled from individual staff members to entire departments.

Form School Business Principles

What does your business entrance say about your company? Is it giving clients, visitors and staff the best impression? Learn how to analyse entrances and first impressions, reception and foyers – and be able to spot and correct problems. This will provide invaluable knowledge to enable you to translate your mission statement and company ideals into the layout and most importantly “feel” for people arriving at your office.

Desk Placement

Learn how to analyse desk arrangement – including different configurations for building teams or encouraging competition – depending on the requirements of the business. Learn how to enhance confidence and eliminate insecurity with correct desk placement.  

You will also be able to assess how effective someone is at their job from whether they are struggling with their responsibilities / duties or whether they could cope with more and perhaps promotion. With the correct desk placement, you will be able to transform communication problems – whether potential or existing.

Multi-dimensional Feng Shui

Learn the effects of the current floor your business is on and whether it is helping or hindering your company. We can then assess how best you can balance your business without having to move to another floor or building. Understanding this concept enables you to add a balancing element that can transform pressure into drive and inspiration.

Business Qi and Elemental Balance

Here we learn how to choose the ideal location for your business in a building containing different companies, and the effects of lifts and escalators. Do neighbouring businesses affect your performance? This aspect will show you how to balance your local environment to gain support from surrounding features.  

Sacred Geometry and Seating Positions

Feng shui does not only concern location, proportion is a big factor too. For example, the right proportions can enhance dining experience in a restaurant, getting customers to stay longer and spend more; or in another situation, move people more quickly through a system – such as at a hospital information desk.  
We will also learn how to create productive and stress free zones through correct seating positions for key staff and employees.

The Men Guang or Lu Ban Ruler

Learn auspicious dimensions for office furniture, how this can be applied and why it is useful to the success of a business. We will also learn how to apply the science and philosophy of proportion to your products, branding and business cards.

Graphic and Corporate Design

Use Feng Shui to empower your graphic design through the use of correctly balanced logos, and powerful symbolism. In this part of the course, I will show you how to read a logo to predict the success or failure of a business. You are invited to bring along your logo for analysis.

Commercial Landscaping

The final part of what we look at in a business consultation is the external space and how this impacts a business.  Are you making the most out of your local environment, this concept will show you where and how to upgrade your business premises to potentially increase wealth, power, respect and reputation from passers-by, to leaving a lasting impression to clients and visitors.

Module Two – 14th and 15th March – Live Consultation

The second weekend takes all of the practical knowledge learnt in the first part of this course and puts it into practise in a live consultation. This will be in central London – location to be confirmed. The two days will consist of time in the classroom preparing charts, calculating optimum directions for key staff members directors. Then we will visit the client’s site, find out what they wish to improve on with the consultation, analyse all aspects of their business premises as covered in module one and then make suggestions for improving their business.

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The course is held on the following dates: Cost £340. per class, "pay-as-you-go" available.

Weekend one: 15th and 16th Feb 2020 – Regents University 10-5pm

Weekend two: 14th and 15th March 2020 – Regents University and Live Consultation in Central London