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STEP tWO - Dowsing, Space Clearing and Earth Acupuncture course contents

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Dowsing Course Cover

Dowsing, Space Clearing and Earth Acupuncture course is Step TWO of our Seven Steps to Feng Shui Mastery series. To become an accredited feng shui consultant you must begin with Step ONE The Feng Shui Key Concepts Course.

Our Dowsing course contains both science and mysticism; science validates some of the dowsing concepts, and mysticism shows us how to develop these attributes further. Our Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture course easily shows you how to access the deeper levels of your consciousness. This can enable you to detect and cure harmful radiation emitted by stagnant underground streams, mineral and gas deposits, or even global geomagnetic grids.

Second Step - Dowsing, Space Clearing and Earth Acupuncture course

This Dowsing, Space Clearing and Earth Acupuncture course is fully compatible with all popular media platforms although reader / viewer apps may be needed for smartfines or tablets.

This Dowsing Course is available on DVD or as an instant download and is beautifully illustrated throughout and contains almost 24 000 words of how, and why dowsing works.

We teach you how to make your own dowsing rods and then how to dowse with step by step animated presentations. After this you will be dowsing and unlocking the mysteries of our planets energy fields. We then teach you what to look for, from healthy earth meridians to black streams, ley lines, underground mineral and gas deposits, even global geomagnetic grids.

We also show you the natural signs of geopathic stress in a home environment so you will be able to spot tell take signs and cure by means of natural earth acupuncture.

Pendulum Dowsing for health

You will find from this course that dowsing accesses the sub conscious mind and is able to deliver information about anything! The only limit is your own imagination and subsequent range of questions. You will be amazed at your own accuracy and should quickly gain experience and confidence in this historic art of dowsing. Although you can access the secrets of the universe through this process just by asking questions phrased in a certain way, pendulum dowsing really comes into its own when used for healing. This course will teach you how to heal yourself, as well as your friends and family.

Dowsing can also be used to find the proper diet and foods. So keeping healthy, via dowsing, will be much simpler if you follow your own bodies advice.

Natures secrets and mysterious underground energies

If you love nature then you will find this dowsing course fascinating as you will not only learn to heal yourself but also our Earth too. Within it, we learn how nature works and how we can improve the flow of energy between life and the planet itself. Throughout this course there are many hands on or practical exercises designed to empower you to work in harmony with nature. PowerPoint presentations help you to identify plants and trees most at risk from black streams and geopathic stress. We also show you how to identify the most common trees found in our Landscape and list their hidden qualities and attributes.

In our specialist dowsing section we show all of the tools of the trade that could enable you to answer any question, prospect for gold, oil or even diamonds. See our Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture Course contents for a complete list of lessons.

Accredited Feng Shui Key Concepts course contents:

What is dowsing?
What is a Chakra?
Gut feelings
The super conscious mind
The limitations of the human mind
History of dowsing
Dowsing through the ages
How dowsing works
Anybody can dowse
How to dowse
Geopathic Stress
Black Streams
Black Stream; Causes
Black Streams; Signs & Symptoms Radiation
Human cell destruction and disease
Dowsing using the Von Pohl scale
Sick building syndrome
Bad neighbour syndrome
Radon gas
Ley Lines
What are Ley Lines?
Ley Lines through history
Stone age Astronomy
Life with ley lines
Moving ley lines
Leys today
Accredited Dowsing and Earth Acupuncture Course screen shot Feng shui study screen shot

The nature of water
Healing waters
Yin and yang
Yin and yang as wind and water
As within so without
As above so below
Dowsing for meridians

Dowsing course screenshots

Pendulum dowsing
How to dowse with a pendulum
Using pendulum dowsing to heal
The Nine Gateways to Heaven
Staff of Hermes
You are what you eat
Map dowsing
FSI Accreditation

Earth Acupuncture
How to cure black streams
Sacred trees
Sensing an electromagnetic field
Harvesting a needle
The ritual

The science behind the paranormal
The earth acupuncture procedure
Case studies

Global geomagnetic grids
Distinguishing characteristics
Curing the radiation effects from the Hartman Grid

Shamic screenshot

Finding global grids

Shui Peng Ba Zhen Fa
The Eight Needles Of The Water Compass Method

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As you can see from the table of contents this is probably the most comprehensive Dowsing, Space Clearing and Earth Acupuncture course distance learning course ever produced. Suitable for the complete novice to the seasoned professional, all will benefit from taking this dowsing course. For those new to dowsing, it has everything you need to become a Feng shui professional.

At just GB £180, it is a wonderful investment in yourself that should change your life and those you care about for the better.

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