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Professional Feng Shui training courses at SOAS, London (School of Oriental and African Studies)

Feng Shui class graduation Our comprehensive, year long Feng Shui mastery course will teach you all the Feng Shui techniques needed to quickly get the best results in any residential or commercial environment. This can enable you to become one of today's most respected and successful Feng Shui consultants.

In our many years of teaching professional Feng Shui, we have trained teachers and students from other professional Feng Shui schools in traditional Chinese Feng Shui and this is where some of the best, most effective Feng Shui consultants learnt their art.

Upon graduation from the Feng Shui School of Excellence, you will be a Recommended Consultant of the Feng Shui Institute RCFSI), attesting to your ability to get the best Feng Shui results in any situation - probably the highest Feng Shui qualification anywhere in the western world.


"I was fortunate to have the opportunity to learn true traditional Feng Shui with you, especially considering the fact that I did not really know what Feng Shui was and decided to join spontaneously. Thank you very much again for your teaching". S Cheves

Trained at another Feng Shui school and wish to further your Feng Shui knowledge?

Attend a single London class as a guest, subject to available places, at a cost of £380.00 and see for yourself why we are internationally known as the Feng Shui School of Excellence. Please see Guest Attendance.

"With such great teachers as Alan and Alison it's such a great opportunity. I can't thank you enough for your support throughout this current year - you each have a very different style of teaching that compliments each other and has made the learning experience complete - and very enjoyable". KM

Accredited Professional Feng Shui Consultant Training Class
Curriculum London UK 2014/2015

Feng Shui class 1 - Feng Shui World 28th February & 1st March 2015

"It was a pleasure to be studying under the guidance of a real professional. One simply couldn't learn more about authentic Feng Shui and Chinese astrology in a year anywhere else." YLF, Singapore

feng shui class 1What you will learn and be able to apply by attending this Feng Shui workshop
The History of Feng Shui
, what does it mean, where does it come from and how does it produce incredible results?
Yin & Yang – natural balance in your home and life.
Working with natural energy or qi – how to enhance your life and avoid stress in your home and workplace.
Personal Qi - energy for health and vitality including food and diet.
Wu Xing - The Feng Shui toolkit - Energy Dynamics, using colour, shape, textures and aromas for five sense Feng Shui.
Form school - the perfect furniture positions to increase quality of life and relationships in your bedroom, lounge, dining room, children’s rooms, study, office,
Architectural balance, what does your home say about your life? How to correct missing corners and enhance projections.
Feng Shui in the neighbourhood. How your neighbourhood affects your quality of life and how to correct it.
The Ba Gua part 1 – mind feng shui – how to improve relationships, health, career, respect, harmony, creativity / children’s lives, networking and travel through the 8 life aspirations.
Feng Shui cures.
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Feng Shui class 2 Feng Shui Ba Gua Eight Trigrams 28th/29th March 2015

"After just workshop one, we'd covered everything found in Feng Shui books - and I'd read most of them! After that, the information just didn't cease. A fantastic course for any true seeker of knowledge!"AS Feng Shui Consultant UK

Compass schoolWhat you will learn and be able to apply by attending this Feng Shui workshop
Compass School Feng Shui - Astrology and Magnetism.
The Ba Gua part 2  - Advanced techniques – Understanding and aligning your home with magnetic compass directions to achieve natural harmony and balance in your life.  
The Lo Shu square and Trigrams - ancient wisdom for the modern world and the foundations of Chinese philosophy. Compass directions for homes and natural landscapes using Xian Tian and Hou Tian Ba Guas.
How to find your own personal Trigram or Ming Gua, your personal directions for Love, Relationships, Health, Wealth and Harmony. Balancing East and West group compatibility correctly.
Introduction to the Eight Portents - combining home and personal portents.
Advanced Feng Shui cures - programming crystals, the correct use of mirrors and why, yin and yang lighting, plants, and water placement. Reading architectural plans and making a floor plan.

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Feng Shui class 3 Advanced Compass School Part Two 25th/26th April 2015

I'm so glad I did my course at a time when our school had links with yourself, otherwise I'd still be blindly ignorant of traditional Feng Shui teachings". LE Feng Shui Consultant UK

advanced compass schoolWhat you will learn and be able to apply by attending this Feng Shui workshop
You will gain an understanding of the ancient feng shui masters wisdom and be able to use techniques encoded in the traditional Chinese compass or Luo Pan to improve quality of life. This knowledge includes time and space feng shui and how your home is different from others. You will learn the inner rings, from the Heaven Pool, to the Luo Shu and the Auspicious portents for increased wealth, health relationships and harmony.  
Chinese astrology clashes, combinations and compatibility between the  Ten Heavenly Stems and Twelve Earthly branches, or animals of the Chinese zodiac.
Twelve Stages and Timeliness. The sixty year or sexagesimal cycle.
The Twenty Four Mountains ring.
Na Jia, Advanced Eight Portents and their practical applications,
East and West group compatibility revisited.
Your Ming Gua and its influence on auspicious and inauspicious directions, including favourable sleeping directions.
Natures calendar - the Twenty Four Seasons and date selection.
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Feng Shui class 4 Earth Acupuncture / Business Feng Shui 30th/31st May 2015

"For me, the year was truly a triumph of personal growth, wisdom and insight, and proved exactly what it means to be at the right place at the right time."IK Consultant Finland

Earth Acupuncture / Business Feng Shui courseWhat you will learn and be able to apply by attending this Feng Shui workshop
This workshop deals with environmental energy and how Feng Shui is used to cure negative energy beneath homes and offices. By learning to dowse and using Earth Acupuncture you will be able to detect and cure Geopathic Stress caused by black streams. This includes “sick building syndrome” neighbourhood quarrels, hauntings and many sickness problems where Geopathic stress is the cause. You will also learn about other geomagnetic disturbances and faults, such as Radon gas, working with Ley lines and global geomagnetic grids, as well as Space Clearing, water divining, map, field and pendulum dowsing.

In the second half of this weekend you will learn Feng Shui for business and commercial consultations, including Graphic Design for logo's and standard literature, Sacred Geometry, the Business Ba Gua and Advanced Eight Portents in relation to business, Auspicious Dimensions, the Feng Shui Measuring tape and your personal auspicious dimensions, landscaping and signage.

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Feng Shui class 5 I Ching Divination 27th/28th June 2015

“I have always loved the philosophy behind Chinese medicine (I’m an acupuncturist) and this takes me several steps on and also widens my appreciation. I’m finding the course is well structured and simple to follow but also challenging” Geraldine – UK.

i ching courseWhat you will learn and be able to apply by attending this Feng Shui workshop
The history of the I Ching.
Secrets of Yin and Yang, trigrams and hexagrams, hidden meanings of the texts.
How to prepare and cast a divination, changing lines and what they mean.
Nuclear gua, inverse and reverse gua, explanation of the I Ching Judgments.
Life Cycles and your own destiny Gua,
Peach Blossoms, divining the I Ching by commentaries or yaos.
Wen Wang Ba Gua, the advanced method of divining the I Ching, the magnitude or strength of effects and when the results will happen.
"Flying and Hiding", "Advancing and Retreating", "Vanishing" and "Entering the Tomb ".
Source, Annoying and Hostile lines.
Multiple enquiry lines, effects of the Month Branch, double and triple combinations, harms and penalties, Fu and Fan Yin. Divining for health, analysis and diagnosis.

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Feng Shui class 6 Nine Star Ki and Chinese Astrology 25th/26th July 2015

"I'm really glad I joined this wonderful journey of Feng Shui. I'm a different person now, and the way I see and deal with the world has fundamentally changed." KS, USA

nine star ki courseWhat you will learn and be able to apply by attending this Feng Shui workshop
The history of Nine Star Ki astrology, the Stuff of Stars, the importance of astrology today, the Great Bear.
Personal chemistry, calculating your own 9 Star Ki numbers, Emotional or Childhood Number, Personal profiles.
Timeliness, the seasons.
9 Star Shadows, the Time Dimension.
Personal cycles, the palace trends, Yearly, Monthly and daily time cycles.
Soul evolution, Palace compatibility, the Attribute cycle.
Compatibility and Relationships, Finding your Soul Mate.
Inner Conflicts, interaction of Emotional or Childhood and Natal numbers. Gender characteristics and the adult child configuration, three types of relationship, relationship cures,
The Rule of 5 and all relevant cures to balance your life.

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Feng Shui class 7 Flying Star Feng Shui 26th/27th September 2015

"I feel very privileged to have learnt with you and know that we meet the right people at the right time". C.S. Smith UK

flying star feng shui courseWhat you will learn and be able to apply by attending this Feng Shui workshop
This is one of the most important feng shui classes in our curriculum for getting maximum results from any consultation. This system is much misunderstood in the west mainly due to students not having the depth of knowledge required to master the Luo Pan and determine auspicious energies correctly. However, at this stage of your education you are now ready to make huge advances in your feng shui results. This feng shui course consists of
Flying Star (Xuan Kong Fei Xing) or Time and Space Feng Shui, Part one.
The San Yuan School or Three Eras.
The Nine Yun Cycle, the Nine Palaces, the Nine Stars,
Chart construction and interpretation, the divine Mountain and Water Dragons,
Timeliness and the secret of Feng Shui success, yearly and monthly stars,
Star Combinations and curing inauspicious combinations, Imprisoned Stars.
He Tu Combinations and Ming Gua applications

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Feng Shui class 8 Advanced Flying Star Feng Shui 24th/25th October 2015

"Have put into practice some of the things you have taught me over the past few months and it's amazing!" VS Feng Shui Consultant UK

advanced flying star courseWhat you will learn and be able to apply by attending this Feng Shui workshop
This feng shui course continues from the previous flying star workshop and allows you to deal with any environment in any situation. The class consists of
Advanced Flying Star Feng Shui.
Advanced Water and Mountain Dragon formulae.
Mountain and Water Star General Principals.
Fortunate and Unfortunate Structures.
Conditional interaction of Earth Base and Water Star,
Annual and Monthly Stars, Imprisoned Noble Stars, Flying Annual Palaces, Special Charts, Fu Yin and Fan Yin, Holy 1 and Holy O, Secondary Wealth Corner, Replacement Charts,
Castle Gate Secrets
and when and how to use them.

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Feng Shui class 9 Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology 14th/15th November 2015

Great course! I've learnt things I'd never thought I'd be able to understand! Thank you! MS-UK

What you will learn and be able to apply by attending this Feng Shui workshop
In the last two feng shui workshops you have learned that not all houses are the same and each consultation needs special care. In the next two workshops you will learn why people are very different from each other and what you can add to their environment to vastly improve their quality of life. This knowledge allows you to create a unique nurturing atmosphere in any environment and when used with flying star brings outstanding success! You will learn
The history of Chinese astrology via the Four Pillars of Destiny.
Four Pillars of Destiny fate calculations and how to work out what fate has in store for you and your clients, building the chart and interpretation, Ten Applications, the Year, Month, Day and Hour Pillars and their relevance,
Timeliness and determining strength.
Five types of chart and finding the useful elements, the five applications, the ten applications.
Opening the Luck Pillars, the Hidden Stems and what they mean.
Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch clashes, combinations and trines.

Missed this course? See Future Feng Shui Classes

Feng Shui class 10 Advanced Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology 12th/13th December 2015

“I think the course is brilliant value for money”Helen UK.

chinese astrology courseWhat you will learn and be able to apply by attending this Feng Shui workshop
Having learned how to construct and read the Chinese astrology charts from the previous workshops, this workshop focuses on interpretation and cures. Along the way we learn:
Advanced Four Pillars of Destiny Chinese Astrology.
The hidden secrets revealed include
Special Charts and Transformations.
Annual Luck Pillars.
The House of Conception.
The House of Life.
Melodic Five Elements

Missed this course? See Future Feng Shui Classes

Feng Shui class 11 Advanced Luo Pan Chinese Compass 16th/17th January 2016

I 'd taken feng shui courses before but wanted a more comprehensive course. I'm so glad I came you to you - finally! LS Feng Shui Consultant UK

advanced luo panWhat you will learn and be able to apply by attending this Feng Shui workshop
Advanced techniques, empty and void branches and their applications.
Predict relationships and potential issues with Beautiful Red Peach Blossoms.
Peach Blossoms by the Pool.
Predict and analyse health issues.
Applying Chinese Astrology in your life.
Advanced Luo Pan techniques inc. choosing auspicious dates.
Twenty Eight Lunar Mansions.
The Twelve Palaces,

Da Gua and the Tong Shu Chinese Almanac.
Putting all of the Feng Shui methods together.

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Feng Shui class 12 Your Professional Feng Shui Practice 30th/31st January 2016

Feng Shui consultants starting their own practice.This feng shui class is for our regular students only.

Commercial Feng Shui.

Starting your own Feng Shui practice.

Open Forum.

Presentation of Feng Shui Consultant Certificates.

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Feng Shui Class Fees

The Feng Shui Consultant course fee is £3300, made up of an initial £300 non-refundable deposit and 12 payments of £250.

Places on the course are strictly limited and available on a first come, first served basis. To secure your place, we require a £300 non-refundable deposit. However, should your payment arrive too late to secure a place, it will be immediately refunded or held as a deposit for the next available class, whichever you prefer.

Once your place is secured, you may pay the balance of £3000 in its entirety or by twelve payments of £250.00. If you choose to spread your payments over the course of the eleven months, we will accept cheques or standing orders. Payments must be received at least 10 days before the start of each workshop.

Please note: All twelve workshops are required to be taken in order to qualify as a Feng Shui Consultant and receive professional accreditation from the Feng Shui Institute.

For details of our Terms and Conditions, please see our FAQ page.

Learning and
Feng Shui

Course Materials
We provide you with notes for each workshop and you are requested to bring pens/pencils and writing paper (preferably A4).

Studying between workshops
As well as set assignments each month, you will receive a number of Home Study questions to help you assimilate the key points within the course at a regular and steady pace.  Although we do not require you to return the Home Study answers to us, we strongly recommend spending time between workshops reading them.  Any questions can then be raised at the following workshop. We also require you to practice what you have learnt in class, firstly in your own home and then, as you become more confident and proficient, in the homes of friends, family or in a work setting. Your findings are then discussed at the next workshop.
For further details, including assignments, course materials, etc, please see FAQ's

Teaching Support and our Feng Shui Community

Teaching Support
When you sign up for our Professional Feng Shui Consultant Training Course you will receive free Email support from a qualified Feng Shui Practitioner/teacher. However, our students are encouraged to ask questions and share experiences in a class setting as we believe all students benefit from this communication and interaction. 

Feng Shui School of Excellence Yahoo Group
As a student, you are welcome to join the Feng Shui School of Excellence Yahoo Group, where students, qualified consultants and previous attendees of the school meet to discuss all things Feng Shui!

CD ROMs on the various subjects covered in the class are also available at extra cost.

Feng Shui Workshop Information

Workshops start at 10.00am and finish at 5.00pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

We have a lunch hour at approximately 1pm. There are cafes, restaurants, pubs and a small supermarket within walking distance or you may of course, bring your own lunch.

Should you require accommodation, there are numerous hotels and B&B's in and around the Russell Square area. To search for accommodation, we recommend using the "London Town" Web site. Please copy and paste the following into your browser: www.londontown.com or call Freephone 00 800 00 566 366.

Feng Shui School Venue

Brunei Gallery, SOAS, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London, WC1H 0XG

The Brunei Gallery is located between Malet Street and Thornhaugh Street, in the north-west corner of Russell Square. The Gallery is a five minute walk from the British Museum and is opposite the main entrance to SOAS.

Tube Stations
Nearest underground stations: Russell Square, Goodge Street, Euston, Euston Square, Tottenham Court Road.

Car Parking
There are NCP car parks in the vicinity of Russell Square underground station and also in Bedford Place.

Feng Shui SOAS map
Photo courtesy of the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)

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